Game Trailer

Project details:

Project Brief: Create a pvp card game.
Restrictions: Custom Engine created in a year of time
Work Time: 8 weeks
Team Size: 25 team members.

What is Reptoads?

Reptoads is a co-op versus card game in which two players face off against a set of enemies and afterwards facing each other. Making decks of cards and devising unique strategies that can get you the upper hand in this adventurous battle of wits.

My role

My job as a content designer was to design and balance the cards and enemies of our game, as well as the tools to get those things into the game and playable.

Research card possibilities

While the gameplay feature team was figuring out how the systems of the custom engine could work with our game, I was looking into what kind of cards are feasible in the engine as well as what we could expand on with our current mechanics.

Researching many different games and cards such as MTG, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon TCG, Hearthstone as well as smaller card games such as Eternals, Shadowverse, and try to find options for cards we have and put them in excel.

Brainstorm of cards with feasible archetypes in Excel.

Paper prototype cards

As our engine had to be refactored to fit with the new gameplay elements from the gameplay feature team. I started off with making a paper prototype of our full game loop and test user experience as well as the base cards.

First iteration of paper prototype cards.

Design card database tool.

After defining the possibilities of the engine as well as the mechanics that are going to be in our game. I worked together with a tools programmer to make a tool from which we could implement, test and balance cards in one Excel sheet using the engines database.

Excel database for cards with ingame values.

Playtest and iterate on data.

I got my hands on an AI that could test these values and actually play the game with all rules included, so created a test data sheet with the tools programmer which allowed us to check playrates, win rates, boss damage and more data revelant to balancing the data.

Paper prototype tournaments

Our game was visually not ready until the final deadline so in order to still present our game I held a physical card game tournament with our “Stakeholders” to create a fun feedback environment as well as gather more actual player playtesting data that was lacking untill this point regarding the cards.

Legal Issues

As you saw in the trailer we managed to create a visual representation with functioning UI. The game was presentable and fully playable.

Sadly due to legal issues such as EULA and PS4 TRC requirements that we couldn’t meet due to the lack of a legal team in our university. We were not allowed to upload this on any platform and therefor this project is not playable on any platform.

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