Light’s Out

Game Trailer

Project details:

Project Brief: Create a game with a custom controller using arduino.
Working time: 4 weeks
Team Size: 9 team members

What is Light’s Out?

Lights Out is a revolutionary co-op racing experience where you and a friend control a U.F.O in a world made by a childrens fantasy and creativity. One of you is in control of the speed and direction of the U.F.O while the other the player focusses on keeping the balance and height of the vehicle. The final goal being to set a time that beats the competition before you.

My role

My job as a level designer for this project was to research and create different tracks for the player to traverse through.

Design 20 modular track pieces

In the first week of the project, my main focus was to research race tracks as well as how to divide them into modular pieces.

While designing the different modular tracks I also assisted the technical staff into making the track builder tool which we used to make the actual race tracks used in the game.

Photoshop brush sketches regarding tracks

Build 2 different types of tracks

After the track builder was completed, I first took some time to get comfortable with the tool.
Afterwards I created 2 unique test levels using the assets provided by the racing game template of Unreal Engine 4.

The two levels were divided between realistic and fantasy-like. The realistic taking reference from actual Formula 1 tracks and other racing sports/games and the fantasy track taking more from games such as Mario Kart and Diddy Kong racing, taking aerials into account as well as bridges.

Speedbuilding with UE4 tracks using modular track builder
Realistic Start – Finish track
Fantasy Start – Finish track.

Create/iterate on final playable level

After researching and playtesting different level options, the team and I came to the conclusion to do a more fantasy like level as our mechanics supported that type of level design more.

I created a 1st playable level with a start and end based on what I created previously now with the modular assets but without lighting to gain a good top down perspective on the general level layout

The 2nd iteration with playtesting feedback proved that a more linear experience and being able to see the finish from pretty early in the level creates more fun and tension in a co-op scenario, this was also where the first lighting was introduced and therefor the bright colours.

The 3rd and final iteration I tried to iterate more curves as well as some more interesting gameplay moments, as well as creating the possibility to speedrun the game by using the mechanics the game provides to a proffesional extent. Creating more possibilities and the final game experience.

After that all that was left was set dressing together with the environment artists and then this level was complete.

Final Result

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