Dungeons and Dragons Custom Content

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a couple years, starting out as a player, then becoming a dungeon master eventually making homebrew content, as I have a lot of content I have taken my best work and shown it down below

The Mutator Class 5e

A Dungeons and Dragon 5th edition class based on the Tokyo Ghoul manga and Anime

The Striker Class 5e

A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition class based on the Inazuma Eleven Anime

The Excorsist Class 5e

A Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition class based on the Ao no Exorcist manga and anime.

Noahs Arms Arsenal 5e

A list of custom created weapons for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Music Projects

I have multiple other projects that I work on, one being the production of wonderful music using Fruity Loops.

This specific song was based on Geometry Dash, a game I played a lot a few years back and really inspired me to make music for rythm games like it.

I do however also enjoy making music of other genres such as Rap, orchestral compositions and 8-bit originals.

First ever finished music project
Lo-fi music inspired by Critical Role


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