Delta’s Guide

Game Trailer

Project details:

Project Brief: Create a Samsung Gear VR game.
Restrictions: No controllers, reference a music video for artstyle.
Work Time: 2 weeks
Team Size: 9 team members.

What is Delta’s Guide?

Delta’s Guide is an entertaining VR platforming experience in which you the player guide a Delta across a level using your powers to create different types of platforms. Avoid spikes and make it through the level. Do you have what it takes to get Delta there?

My role

My job as a level designer for this project was to research and create different levels for the player.

Design and visualise playspace

The first two days of this project I was focussed on creating the concept of our game as well as visualize the players playspace in the game together with an artist.

After I finished designing the playspace, I worked together with our modelers to create world assets that could fit this playspace rotation wise and help organize the world level.

Final concept of playspace
First modular assets with perfect alignments

Designed and visual scripted interaction system

Our game revolves around the player interacting with interaction points and creating unique platforms. My task was to design and create those platforms. The platforms that made it into the game were: Jump, Speed up, Speed down and Basic.

After the this was locked down, I started working on the blueprint functionality and made a platform blueprint that has the capabilities of all 4 options, but based on the players selection ignores the effect of the 3 not selected options.

Interaction point example.

Create whitebox level

I created the first playable world using the modular assets provided by the artist. The sole purpose of this level was to test character movement and how we can minimalize bug risks.

Due to the short time span we had for development, the whitebox level assets are also our actual assets and evidence wise therefor doesn’t look like a whiteboxed level.

Runthrough of whitebox for gameplay

Create Final Level

Using the whitebox as an example, I created a more complex level with higher pace gameplay.

The goal of the level was to find ways to incorporate all platform selection mechanics in the timespan of one level without it overwhelming the player.

Final Result

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