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At a young age I was already a big fan of competitive games such as Mobas, Fighting Games and TCG’s. I studied their meta’s, watched proffessional play and talked about those things with friends.

But where my friends would be more focussed on what’s fun, I would be trying to find new ways to balance the game or introduce new mechanics that could improve the game.

I started making my own concepts for games. Be it table top, video or whatever you can think of, I had an idea for all of them ready to be developed at some point; just lacking the skills to do actually do so myself.

Doing this year in year out, becoming alpha/beta tester for a lot of different games and genres, giving and receiving feedback from many different professionals made me curious; “Could I be one of those professionals one day?”

To a reality

And now here we are, a couple years later. A student trying to become a game designer with an emphasis on system design, game balance and QA.

My greatest milestone would be working on Reptoads, a custom engine card game in which I designed the cards and managed game balance and QA. Although Kari takes close second due to the amount of technical knowledge I acquired regarding automated testing and in general game production from a Quality Assurance perspective.

Outside of study and work, I still play and watch a lot of different competitive games trying to broaden my knowledge and skills on those genres. Although a good casual game with friends I will never pass up on either, just don’t get frustrated by my “As long as they are not winning, I am not losing” playstyle. I’ve experience first-hand what that can do to a person on many occasions.

Besides that I also have a lot of projects for games such as Dungeons and Dragons and some interesting other hobby projects such as music an insane amount of card game concepts which once developed will appear on my Hobbies page.


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