My Portfolio

Game Designer / Technical Designer

+4 Years of Unreal Engine 4 Development
+7 Years of Tabletop RPG Content Development
+4 Years of experience with Agile Production Methodology
+8 years of experience in Competitive Card Games (Design & Play)


Role: Technical Designer / Quality Assurance.

Kari is a single player adventure of a small nordic girl stranding on an island of the gods and trying to overcome trials and tests to build a new boat and get back off the island.


Role: Card Designer / Game Balance

Reptoads is a unique co-op versus card game in which two adventurers fight together over a series of enemies using their own deck of moves. They eventually fight each other with however they find themselves after all the bosses. Will you focus on working together or rather focus on killing the other as quickly as possible and try to fight the bosses yourself.

Lights Out

Role: Level Designer

Lights Out is a co-op racing experience where you and a friend control a U.F.O in a world made by a childrens fantasy and creativity. One of you is in control of the speed and direction of the U.F.O while the other the player focusses on keeping the balance and height of the vehicle. The final goal being to set a time that beats the competition before you.

Delta’s Guide

Role: Gameplay / Level Designer

Delta’s Guide is an entertaining VR platforming experience in which you the player guide a Delta across a level using your powers to create different types of platforms. Avoid spikes and make it through the level, do you have what it takes to get Delta there?

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